Standby or Prime Power Explained

Standby or prime power, which do you require?

Standby means Emergency Power for use when the main GRID supply fails during a power outage and your installed ‘Standby Generator’ starts up to supply power to your building. Emergency Power is the same.

On the other hand , It can be quite a challenge for potential generator buyers to compare “apples with apples”. You might find a generator that is a 100kVA prime power and another one that is 110kVA standby power rated. You might think that the second one is a larger generator but actually they are the same power rating.

Standby power generators are used for emergency power and therefore are expected to only run during a power cut. Over a year, you wouldn’t expect a standby generator to run more than 10-20 hours and for this low run time, the generator is serviced twice a year and regularly tested.

Prime powered generators are effectively able to run for an unlimited amount of time at variable loads up to the rated power. This also includes a 10% overload capacity for a limited period (1 hour in every 12).

Continuous power is similar to prime power but it has a baseload rating. This is the rating at which it can supply power continuously but it is not able to handle overload situations or work well with varying loads.

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