What is ECO mode on a UPS?

Many UPS manufacturers nowadays advertise efficiencies of 99% thanks to an Eco or Smart Eco mode. But what is it exactly?

Well effectively, for the majority of the time, when the mains power is present and stable, the UPS runs in bypass rather than using the rectifier and inverter. As soon as the UPS detects a power dip (brownout) or failure (blackout) the UPS switches to inverter feed. This all happens in fractions of a second. You will therefore effectively have uninterrupted power. It is important to to note, any sensitive equipment might not appreciate the fluctuations in mains voltage or the very brief switching time. However, for loads that are not sensitive to this problem, ECO mode offers the potential of a significant energy saving.

UPS Smart ECO Mode?

Some UPS systems automatically change from one mode to the other depending on the condition of the mains. This means the overall efficiency is slightly less, giving the end user more confidence of no power interruptions.

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