Emergency Power Systems Explained

Emergency Power Systems are installed to ensure power during a GRID power outage.

Emergency Power can be battery or generator power to support, lights, lifts, switches, DATA, critical systems

Here we explain each use of Emergency Power:

Emergency Lighting Systems

Last for up to 4 hours by UK law.
Each light unit contains a battery supplied by a trickle feed power supply to keep them permanently at 100% capacity. Larger systems require an Uninterruptible Power Supply solution, usually consisting of a UPS system with batteries. The length of time can last anything from 4 to 8 hours.

Emergency Power Systems have many more uses.

Emergency Power Systems for Lifts

In the event of power failure or emergency, lifts need to be available for the emergency services and/or to allow evacuation of lifts. Generator Power Systems also facilitate uninterrupted use of the lifts in your building.

There is no requirement to evacuate a building if the emergency power standby systems are supporting the building.

Emergency Power Systems for Surveillance Systems

CCTV, power-controlled entry systems and external barriers all require 24-7 power. Uninterruptible power supplies and standby diesel generators can be useful to provide seamless NO BREAK power for any length of time. Moreover, to offer true resilience for serious power protection these need backup power from a fully installed generator system.

Emergency Power Systems for Hospitals, Schools and Care Homes

People need power. To say nothing of vulnerable people especially, require 100% power. Operations are the obvious area requiring uninterruptible power.
What about life support? What about our young ones? The elderly? In like manner, heating and lighting need to be considered.
Of course, evacuating a care home can be a traumatic experience for the staff and for the elderly residents. Standby power protection systems eliminate the need for any evacuation providing reassurance that when the inevitable happens, your power is absolutely protected.

Emergency Power Systems for Distribution Centres

When the power goes down, importantly how do you continue to operate in the dark? Getting the people out is covered by emergency lighting, but what about the business? The business STOPS. The profit STOPS. Your organisation STOPS serving the customers. The result is – loss of earnings, and some customers will never return. Backup Power Systems will ensure that within 60 seconds your operation is genuinely 100% operational with NO loss of profit and without any DISRUPTION. Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Standby Diesel Generators will always ensure that you never lose customers and business due to circumstances beyond your control.

Emergency Power Systems for Business Continuity

NO power- NO business. It’s that simple. Yet, how many on your board of directors fully understands the implications of a power loss?

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