Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – VRLA Batteries

VRLA batteries were first invented way back in 1934 with the modern VRLA battery invented in 1957. Since then they have been widely used in a range of uses, particularly Uninterruptible Power Supplies for power protection. With regards to Energy Storage Systems, there are a many that use VRLA batteries due to their cost and availability.

VRLA battery

VRLA batteries have the following Pros and Cons for Energy Storage:


  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Cost effective
  • Well documented / known performance of battery technology



  • Inability to fully discharge (100%) without affecting long term battery capacity
  • Degradation if not kept at optimum temperature
  • Limited number of discharge cycles during typical lifetime


VRLA Battery Developments

Many manufacturers are developing new and improved versions, better suited to Energy Storage Systems. For example, the Ultrabattery is a VRLA hybrid comprising both standard VRLA architecture as well as an ultracapacitor. This produces a battery that can handle significantly more partial discharge cycles than traditional VRLA batteries.

Ultrabattery technology

UltraBattery® combines the advantages of two energy storage technologies in a single cell.


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