Generator battery failure – Why?

Generator Battery failure does happen. No Battery = No Start !!

In this paragraph we discuss how this can be avoided by following these simple steps.

Operational Temperature

The optimum battery performance is achieved if the battery operational ambient temperature is constantly between 19ºC and 22ºC and you keep the battery terminals clean and greased

Reasons why?

Below 19ºC or much lower and batteries will under perform placing a strain on the battery.
Above 22ºC will increase the battery capacity unnecessarily and dramatically reduces battery life.

Causes of overheating

High battery temperatures happen when the ambient temperature of battery storage environment is constantly above 22C for long periods. For instance during a HOT summer. Long periods of generator running at capacity will also have the same effect. If the ambient remains constantly above 22C then this adversely effects the chemical structure of the batteries, causing the internal heat generated by the batteries to rise, so give off additional heat. This causes the situation to get worse and is a vicious circle, “thermal runaway”.
When batteries charge, they give off some heat , so never be surprised if your generator batteries are warm to the touch. The onboard battery charger will kick from time to time to keep them fully charged. On the other hand if they are ‘HOT to the touch’, they need replacing as they’re almost at END of LIFE. Be warned !

Generator Battery Failure

As each individual battery cell weakens over time, the battery will charge at a disproportionate faster rate than the norm and will begin to take down the rest of the battery string of which it is apart of. It will over heat as the battery overcharges creating hot spots as each the cell fails until all the cells in that battery completely, fail

Battery Terminals

Always ensure the battery contacts are cleaned and greased. Never allow chemical build up on the terminals as this will cause the battery to short and again reduce the battery life.

Battery Terminal Chemical Damage

Battery Impedance

Annual battery impedance tests will prove whether the batteries are fully charged. Also, correctly charging, not deteriorating since the last test and what is their present life expectancy. Power Continuity carry out generator battery failure impedance tests when requested by the site .

Battery age

batteries stuck together

Battery Corrosion Fused Batteries Together

All batteries have a design life ‘sell by date’.
Do not risk going over the sell by date!
Therefore we advise replacing batteries well inside their design life date.

Don’t risk it- Replace early and stay power protected !

Battery leaks

All batteries are a chemical mix of acids and chemicals.
Leaks do happen and are ‘ACIDIC’ and poisonous gases.
Replace any leaking battery immediately.
If you ignore this, the leak will be corrosive onto the next battery, causing dangerous gases and FIRE RISK

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