Generator Common Faults

Powercontinuity have listed below generator common faults which are either totally avoidable or easily resolved.

Generator Common Faults

  • Emergency Stop pressed – A generator is often located outside. Therefore, potentially accessed by many. It often happens that someone will press the emergency stop. It is worth noting that a generator will not start automatically when the emergency stop is not reset.
  • Low Fuel level. – A generator can happily run for hours. Also refuelled whilst running. Always remember to keep an eye on the fuel tank level, especially during a prolonged power outage. You would not want to run out of fuel.
  • Wet Stacking – Running a generator continuously at low power ratings can cause wet stacking, which results in a build up of uncombusted fuel. Ensuring the generator runs with a decent amount of load (either by doing an onload test or using a loadbank) will avoid wet stacking.

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