Generator Failed to Start


Generator failed to start. No noise or action. Generator is DEAD. Nothing at all!

What to do next?

Let’s consider some possibilities why your Generator failed to start.

Checklist – What to Look For

  • Battery failure (most common reason): Old battery / NO water in cells / battery stolen / corroded battery terminals.
  • No display on the controller: No lights or screen, therefore check that the battery charger on the generator is turned ON and is connected to the grid supply.
  • Emergency STOP button: Pull the emergency STOP button ‘OUT’. If this is in the pressed ‘IN’ position then the generator will NEVER start.
  • Empty fuel tank: NO fuel.
  • Fuel tank full: Check for contaminants (bacterial infestation and grunge).
  • Coolant, fuel or oil leak: Check for holes in hoses, loose jubilee clips etc.
  • Air in the fuel system: Hoses have become detached from the engine.
  • Bad fuel mix: e.g. air or water in the fuel, clogged, no fuel going through.
  • Tripped breaker: Most common. Check all breakers are in ON position.
  • Controls left on wrong settings after maintenance or testing: Check the setting. Is it in Manual or Automatic?
  • Fuel line obstruction: Check fuel lines for kinks or twists, and straighten them out to ensure that there are no constrictions or pinch points.
  • Clogged air, oil and fuel filters: Bad maintenance. Replace old filters and old, worn-out hoses.
  • Fuel injector problem: Replace injectors or call your local supplier for advice.
  • If all of the above fails, then check if the outside temperature is above 50C. Alternatively, the altitude of the generator could be the issue. At height of over 3000 metres, generators need to be adjusted for the lack of oxygen. Call your local supplier for assistance.

The majority of the above can be avoided by PowerContinuity preventative service and maintenance.

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