Generator Over Voltage – Why?

Generator Over voltage can happen randomly , especially when supporting machinery.

Carefully check the following to isolate the possible root causes:-

  • Are setpoints too restrictive after full load rejection. Add small monitoring delay.

Check the loads are not imbalanced or cutting IN and OUT too quickly for the generator to support

  • AVR failure

Ensure the AVR is fully functional, replace if necessary. AVR control voltages so this is the major reason for voltage issues. This requires a generator engineer and a lap top to plug into the system – Call your dealer

  • Lightning strikes on power lines? Gird Power Lightning Strikes will effect your generator operation

Also check that no lightning strikes have happened on your site in the last 24 hours

Clear the alarm on your control panel. Once you have cleared the alarm then restart the generator to check if fault reappears. The above tests should highlight the cause and therefore the solution to fix, but of the over voltage issue remains, contact your local dealer

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