Generator Red Hot Glowing Turbo

diesel generator with glowing red hot turbocharger

If the Turbo on your generator is glowing red hot then the first thing to do is to STOP the generator.
Allow it to rest. Do NOT run the generator with a RED HOT turbo.

Possible causes

Air flow restriction in the engine
Restriction in the exhaust
Internal collapse of the silencer that isn’t visible from the outside
Failed injectors
Dirty injectors
Fuel is not burned in the cylinders and continues to burn and expand within the turbo and exhaust
Lack of servicing
No regular maintenance of the generator
Filters not cleaned or replaced
It’s unlikely to be the governor or AVR, although timing settings may have slipped

How to fix – Remedies

Check for any restrictions in the air flow to the engine- fix if found
Replace the silencer if old or collapsed
Take out every injector, thoroughly clean and check for wear
Replace damaged injectors
Check for any turbo damage and thoroughly clean
Replace the turbo if damaged.
Completely service the generator and record the service date
Replace ALL oils and coolants
Replace ALL fillters – oil, air, and fuel filters
Check the fuel for contaminants
Check that the timing settings of the engine haven’t changed
Contact your local generator distributor as soon as possible

Once you have carried out all of the above, start the generator once more. It should start first time now.

It’s likely your generator will run fine and the red hot turbo issue will not occur again, as long as you carry out the manufacturer’s service & maintenance regime without skimping on any part of the routine. Should you still have ANY reason for concern then immediately contact your local distributor and do NOT continue to run the generator without expert help by your side.

In future – prevent this happening again. Do NOT run any generator longer than 400-450 hours without correctly servicing it. Don’t skimp. Replace oils and filters as specified in your manufacturer’s manual.

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