Generator Won’t Stop – Fails to Stop

If your diesel generator won’t stop and for some reason, just keeps running and for some reason, just keeps running and it will NOT stop, there are a number of suggestions that you need to check FIRST.

– Check if the breaker is jammed in the OPEN position and won’t close (that could be do to lack of maintenance of the MCCB – get it serviced)

– Fuel pump is forcing fuel through the generator and hasn’t received a signal to stop (check the electrical connection when safe to do so)

– You control panel isn’t working – loose connections inside the panel ( check the wiring inside the panel when safe to do so )

– If you still can’t stop the generator then HIT the emergency STOP button. This will STOP the generator ( unless someone has
disabled the connection)

Then as a priority call a local generator engineer to investigate the issue

A generator will only have issues with stopping and starting if it has not been regularly serviced according to the manufactures specifications or the weather conditions have been ignored to the detriment of the generator.

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