Generator Won’t Stop – Fails to Stop

If your diesel generator won’t stop and just keeps running, FIRST check the following suggestions.

  • If the breaker is jammed in the OPEN position, arrange for the MCCB to be serviced.
  • Is the fuel pump forcing fuel through the generator without receiving a signal to stop? Check the electrical connection when safe to do so.
  • Has the control panel stopped working? Look for loose wiring connections inside the panel, ensuring safety at all times.
  • HIT the emergency STOP button. This will STOP the generator (unless someone has
    disabled the connection).

Then as a priority, call a local generator engineer to investigate the issue.

A generator will only have stop/start issues if:

  • you have ignored the manufacturer’s service and maintenance recommendations, or
  • you have allowed adverse weather conditions to affect the generator over a lengthy period of time.

It maybe time to service your generator.


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