Generators – How to manually switch ABB Motorised Switch

Most of the time your automatic changeover panel will happily automatically change from mains to generator and back on its own, every time. What happens though on that one occasion where there is a problem with the motorised switch and it doesn’t change over? Whilst you are waiting for an engineer to attend, what can you do to get your power to your building on? Well its actually very straight forward. If it is an ABB motorised switch, follow the instructions below.

ABB motorised switch

To manually switch the ABB motorised switch, first of all place the switch into Manual mode by pushing the lever switch on the front of the switch. Once you have done this, connect the key onto the front of the switch until it clicks into place and then switch as desired. To place back into automatic mode, remove the key by pressing the button below it and flick the lever switch back to Auto.

ABB motorised switch auto-manual


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