Generators – How to Operate a DSE335 ATS Control Panel

The Deep Sea Electronics DSE 335 panel is commonly used in generator ATS panels. As is typical with Deep Sea Electronics products, it is very user friendly, easy to use and still configurable with a host of settings.DSE335

The same as with the DSE generator control panels, most of the time the panel should be kept in Auto mode so that it can respond automatically to any power cuts.

S1 is typically the mains and S2 the generator although of course it could also be used with two different mains supplies. The display shows a range of operating parameters for either S1 or S2 including voltage, frequency, current, etc.

Manual Mode Operating

When in manual operation, it is possible to switch between S1 and S2 simply by pressing the relevant button. Of course you want to make sure that the generator is running and available first. The LED beneath both S1 and S2 confirm whether that supply is present (i.e. available and within the set limits).

DSE335 manual mode

Mode Selection

The mode button on the panel allows for the following modes:

  • Test On Load: This mode allows the module to start and load S2 for test purposes
  • Test Off Load: This mode allows the module to start S2 and leave off load for test
  • Prohibit Return: This mode is used to prevent the module from returning load the
    S1 until instructed.

The modes are selected by pressing the Mode button repeatedly to run through the modes and then pressing the tick once the intended mode is displayed.


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