How to bleed the fuel system?

Bleeding the fuel system

  1. Connect a transparent plastic hose to the bleed nipple on fuel filter housing 1. bleeding the fuel systemPlace the end of the plastic hose in a container with a capacity of at least 3 litres (0.8 US gallons)
  2. Open the bleed nipple and pump with the hand pump until fuel comes out of the hose. If the fuel system is empty, it is necessary to pump approximately 100 strokes in order to draw up the fuel. Depending on the installation, a much greater number of pump strokes may be required before fuel comes out.
  3. Pump until fuel without air bubbles comes out, approximately 20 strokes.
  4. Close the bleed nipple and remove the hose.
  5. Transfer the plastic hose to the fuel manifold bleed nipple 2.
  6. Open the fuel manifold ventilating valve.
  7. Pump with the hand pump until fuel without air bubbles comes out, approximately 50 strokes.
  8. Close the bleed nipple on the fuel manifold and remove the plastic hose.
  9. Pump approximately 20 strokes with the hand pump until the overflow valve opens. A hissing sound should be heard.
  10. Start the engine. The engine should be easy to start.

When you have finished bleeding the fuel system and the engine still won’t start go through our check list to eliminate the possible culprits.

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