How to Check and Add Engine Oil to a Generator?

Before checking and adding engine oil in a generator please read the below warning.

WARNING – Use only engine manufacturer’s recommended lubricant when topping up or replacing engine oil, NEVER check engine oil level or attempt to top up oil when engine running.

The generating set engine oil is pre-filled in factory. However it is important to check the level of oil in the engine before any starting can take place, and also as part of a regular maintenance schedule. The engine oil should be replenished as necessary.

How to check the level of engine oil in a generator?

To check the level of engine oil ensure that the set is sufficiently cool and set is not running, preferably before startup. Remove the dipstick usually located at either side of the engine (refer to engine manufacturers handbook for specific location information) and wipe off excess oil with a clean non-abrasive cloth. Return the dipstick fully to its normal position, remove again and visually inspect oil level against markings on the dipstick itself (example below).

How to add engine oil in a generator?

adding engine oil to generator

If oil level is low, remove the oil cap from the top/side of the engine and add some oil, allow to settle and then check oil level on dipstick again. Repeat exercise until oil level on dipstick has reached the recommended level. Replace oil cap on top of engine when complete.

Diesel engine oil of type 15W40 is recommended for use in generator sets. For more engine specific lubrication information consult the supplied engine manual.

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