How to Check UPS Batteries?

It is not necessary to check UPS batteries that are NEWLY installed, as they are pre-charged.

However, it is essential that the UPS is charging its batteries. UPS continually drip feed the batteries to keep them fully charged at all times.

Most Modern UPS carry out a ‘self test’ every week or month so the result will only be shown on the display if the self test has flagged up any issues.

Issues such as – Low Voltage – A failed Battery- A failed cell in a battery- failed fuse.

How to Check UPS Batteries

A regular visual check is useful as part of your UPS service and Maintenance regime

  • Leaks or powder forming around terminal or base of batteries.
  • Check that any battery has not been damaged or knocked during inspections.
  • Any visible leak
  • ‘Eggy’ smell which indicates a leak is happening which you can’y yet see
  • ‘Burning’ type smell which indicates that a battery terminal may be loose or cable connection requiring attention

Any and all maintenance should be undertaken by a trained engineer.

Always check the UPS batteries. Never allow battery terminals to be covered with powder as this photo. This occurs with age and lack of battery replacement

bad-batteries-2-How to Check UPS Batteries

Replace UPS batteries at least every 4 years or in the case of 10 year design life batteries , we suggest replace in year 8 no later.

Failure does and can happen. Better to replace rather than fail.

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