How to Choose a Suitable Location

location-selectionThe choice of a particular installation location for the UPS depends on many things:

1.  How much space is available?
2.  Can the floor safely support the weight of the equipment?
3. Will the installation cause continued inconvenience to the existing personnel and business?
4.  Are the environmental conditions at the chosen location suitable?
5.  Can access to the UPS equipment be made secure yet convenient?
6.  Does the UPS comprise one module or several in parallel?
7.  What is the effect of the installation on existing air flow and air conditioning equipment?
8.  Will the switchgear controlling the UPS be in the same area?
9.  Can the chosen area safely accommodate the battery installation?

In general, the location chosen for modern UPSs can be summarised as follows:

Small UPSs (less that about 20kVA) can be installed in a normal office environment, although care should be taken to ensure that the additional noise and heat does not adversely affect the office environment.

Medium UPSs (between 20 and 100kVA) are designed to be installed in computer rooms.

Large UPSs (greater than 100kVA) will usually be located either in a separate UPS room or in an existing plant room.

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