How to keep MICE out of generators

Keeping mice out of generators is imperative. Because generators are warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

As a result will nest, live and breed inside any generator canopy/container.

Hence damaged cables will impact on your investment, preventing the generator starting in an emergency.

The health aspect differs from Rat infestation, similarly the more mice greater the risk to health.

  • Visually once a week look for signs of mice infestation – droppings etc.
  • Secondly, mouse urine is very pungent. If you smell urine then MICE are using your generator as a home.
  • Thirdly, signs of holes or marks on cabling and cable installations are an indication.
  • In the same fashion, check fire stop foam for teeth marks and any gaps created by mice.
  • Equally important, install one bait station close to each corner of the generator
  • Then remember to be vigilant! Don’t think it can’t happen in your generator
  • Should damage be identified, consult with a qualified generator engineer. Maybe Replacement cables will be required.
  • In addition, manually start your generator to ensure it starts.
  • Also, call your local Rodent Control company immediately.

After all, mice traps set will eliminate your Rodents

View photos below of cable damage caused by Rodents

  • Keep RATS out of generators
    Rat damage-points 5
  • Keep RATS out of generators
    Rat damage-points 4
  • Why keep Mice-RATS out of generators
    Rat Damage-points 2
  • Keep Mice out of generators
    Rat damage-points 1



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