How to keep RATS out of generators

Generators are warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

Therefore it is very important to keeping rats out of generators, as the container or canopy is an ideal place for nesting.

To protect your investment ensure the control cables are not compromised, which will prevent the generator starting in an emergency.

Above all there is the health aspect. Vermin carry diseases such as salmonellosis, colibacillosis, coryza, pasteurellosis, mycoplasmosis, haemorrhagic enteritis, hymenolepiasis, capilariasi, and ascaridiasis

  1. Check visually once a week for signs of RAT infestation, droppings etc.
  2. RAT urine is very pungent. For instance if you can SMELL urine, then RATS are using your generator as a home.
  3. Holes or marks on cabling and cable installations are indications of activity, along with teeth marks on the fire stop foam.
  4. Install one bait station close to each corner of the generator
  5. Should you find damage caused by vermin, consult with a qualified generator engineer to confirm whether replacements are required for RAT damaged cables etc.
  6. Manually start your generator to ensure it still starts then action

Above all if there is any indication of the above call your local Rodent Control company
The Rodent Control company will set traps as well as instigate a disinfection programme to eliminate disease

See photos below of RAT damage on cabling inside a generator

  • Rat damage-points 5
  • Rat damage-points 4
  • Rat Damage-points 2
  • Rat damage-points 1


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