How to Test Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Generator Installations ?

Overall Energy Systems Testing

Periodic Planned Maintenance of each system part is important.

Also, consider testing the entire system on a regular basis.

An overall system test involves putting the critical load at risk.
Make careful arrangements and agreements.

Mains Failure Test

Disconnect the mains supply to the protected power equipment for an extended period and check, with no generator:
– the UPS battery supports the critical load for the expected autonomy time.
– all alarms and control signals are correct.
– the critical load responds correctly to any signals received from the UPS equipment e.g. system alarms, orderly shutdown sequence etc.

engineerIf a generator is installed:

1. the Automatic Mains Fail (AMF) equipment operates correctly.
2. the generator auto-starts after the expected time.
3. the generator output supply is correct and within acceptable UPS input limits.
4. the UPS accepts the generator supply.
5. battery recharging to take place. (UPS supplied by the generator)

Mains Restoration Test

Following the Mains Failure Test, reconnect the mains supply to the protected power equipment and check, with generator unavailable:
1. If the UPS is fitted with auto-restart facilities, the system returns to normal operation automatically. (UPS modules re-start manually also. System restored to normal operation.)
2. Reset all alarms.

If a generator is installed:

– Automatic Mains Fail (AMF) equipment operates correctly.
– UPS signals a mains failure during the changeover.
– Generator shuts down after the expected time.
– UPS accepts the restored mains power supply and recharges the batteries.
– Reset alarms.

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