Leaking Oil in Diesel Generators

Leaking Oil

Possible cause:

  • loose components
  • deteriorated gaskets
  • incorrectly fitted components
  • very high environment temperatures with little or no ventilation
  • lack of regular maintenance (the biggest cause)

Over many years, generator components can come loose through vibration caused by a running generator with imbalanced loads.

Also, through the use of non-genuine manufacturer parts. Badly installed parts will also cause oils leaks.

Gaskets especially steadily deteriorate over time. Replace these regularly during routine maintenance.

If your generator is old, has run thousands of hours, you must replace gaskets.
ONLY use genuine manufacturer approved gaskets.
Clean the area carefully of the old gasket BEFORE you replace with the new gasket. Secure the nuts carefully so as NOT to trap the gaskets.

NEVER use low grade or contaminated oil.

Only manufacturer approved oils should be used on any generator.

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