Leaking Oil Gaskets on Diesel Generators

Leaking gaskets on a generator can be caused by loose components, deteriorated gaskets, and incorrectly fitted components and lack of regular maintenance.

Components can come work loose through vibration caused by a running generator, or through the use of non-genuine parts, which may not fit correctly.

Gaskets steadily deteriorate through age and should be replaced during routine maintenance.

If the generator is in a high temperature environment or a very dry environment then the gaskets can crack and shrink.

The most obvious reasons for leaking gaskets are the lack of regular servicing and / or lack of regular maintenance of the generator.

Check nuts are all tight.

Visually check for signs of wear and any build up of residue around any gasket.

Check under the generator and trace back any oil leak to find the source of the leak.

If in doubt replace the gaskets

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