No Break Power Installations

No break power installations, power systems fully installed, is the only ultimate automatic Critical Power Protection for DATA Centres , Production facilities , Global reach DATA management.
We at Power Continuity Ltd , design and install 100% Power Continuity Protection for mission critical systems in the UK and Europe.

For Power Continuity, you need Power Continuity Ltd. We do what we say; 24 hours a day, 100% No Break Power Continuity.

NO Break Power installations are essential for computer networks and security systems to ensure complete power continuity eliminating all power blips & spikes.

Power Continuity design, install and maintain fully automatic NO Break Power Resilient PowerContinuity systems.

As a result, trust us to keep your critical operations running when the grid supply trips.

Our engineering teams completely design, supply, install & maintain ‘state of the art’ Power Protection 24-7 systems across the UK. Each individually designed installation can be viewed as a 3D model to ensure the most cost effective use of floor space for our bespoke UPS power systems and Emergency Standby power generators whether , N+N, N+1 for greater resilience.

No Break Installations = Power Continuity

Automatic No Break Systems designed &installed
by Power Continuity Ltd. Leader in No Break Power

Each Power Continuity design is unique to your requirements. Allowing a fully automatic no break power protection system at Head office, Production facility and remote sites, all co-ordinated to talk to your BMS. Need power 24/7? You need Power Continuity

NO Break Power Protection requirements?
No problem, we’re here to help
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Automatic Power Protection Systems

Fully automatic Power Protection Systems provide 100% Power Continuity

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