Phase Shift – What Is It?

If there is only one supply, then there is no issue.

On the other hand, if you have two supplies, then these need to be checked at the point of installation & need to be set up to ensure NO phase shift between them.

When installing N+1 UPS systems being feed by TWO Gird supplies via TWO transformers it is essential that the building management have already ensured that the phase rotation is the same for both in coming supplies and that there is no phase shift between the supplies

What if you find out there is phase shift?

Then the power harmonics will be out and the wave form disputed, causng down stream power issues to equipment within the Data Centre

Example photo – These wave forms Should be identical – NOT like this image:

Phase shift Images

The wave form for the two supplies should look like this.

Phase shift Images Phase Rotation resolved

Image of Phase Rotation after works.

Phase shift Solution?

Find where the phase shift has happened. The transformer? Ring Main? LV panels? Locate it. Prove it. And then repair the issue, as soon as possible.

This may require major infrastructure upgrade works but this is a necessity.

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