Power Conditioning – Using Flywheel Rotary UPS

You may well ask how flywheel Rotary UPS provide power conditioning. The exact method depends from manufacturer to manufacturer. As an example, Active Power’s fast acting microprocessor and fast voltage transient discharge window, samples the incoming 16.67 msec sine wave 333 times every 50 microseconds. It also mitigates any transients with output filter capacitors.

The same microprocessor is set to allow as little as +/- 0.2 percent frequency fluctuation to pass through. The flywheel will compensate this during any time where the mains frequency is outside of the selected tolerances.

Flywheel Rotary UPS Power Conditioning

Flywheel Rotary UPS Power Conditioning - Active Power Parallel Online architecture

Additionally the very latest rotary UPS technology provides a true online UPS with a flywheel energy storage mechanism. These are more suited for the smaller data centre market rather than the larger industrial operations.
If you are non data centre customer and you like the ability of protecting the entire building’s power, flywheel rotary UPS are the way to go.

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