Power Cuts Reality

Moorside nuclear power plant officially cancelled.

Japanese firm Toshiba said:

“The huge loss incurred by one of its UK subsidiaries, was due to writing off hundreds of millions of pounds of investment in the proposed Moorside nuclear power plant, in West Cumbria.”

Former EDF chief executive Vincent de Rivas stated in 2007: ‘It is the moment of the power crunch. Without Moorside nuclear power plant, the lights will go out’.

Hinkley point nuclear power plant is officially due to switch on by 2025 at the earliest, although 2027 appears  much more likely and the reality could be 2030.

Without additional nuclear power capacity,  the National Grid will be struggling to find additional resilience. This is to avoid power cuts in future years.

For additional information visit The Mail on Sunday article December 31st 2017 on this subject. On the other hand, contact Powercontinuity for fully installed power protection systems that will operate 24/7 without the Grid.

Article published December 31st 2017

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