Power Dip Prevention

Power dips are not full blown power cuts.

Power Dip prevention

Rather, a temporary reduction in power (often less than 2 seconds). Only an Uninterruptible Power Supply will prevent your equipment from “seeing” the power dip and affecting your operations.

Traditional battery UPS will quite happily cope with power dips prevention to your equipment. But on the other hand only suitable for clean loads. For example IT comms and server rooms. Any disruptive load such as motors (i.e. your whole building load) a flywheel rotary UPS is the only real solution.

For more information on how a rotary UPS’ works.

Piller flywheel rotary UPS- Power Dip Prevention

Piller are one of the two main rotary flywheel UPS systems available in the UK (the other one being Active Power). PowerContinuity are able to provide both solutions depending on your preference or to suit your site specific requirements.

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