Power Spike Prevention

A power spike or power surge can be caused by many different events.

  • Including lightning strikes,
  • power outages,
  • tripped circuit breakers,
  • short circuits or power transitions in other large equipment on the same power line.

A generator cannot respond quickly to a power spike. So you will end up with an interruption of power whilst the generator starts. It is likely the spike would have been and gone by the time the generator is ready to accept the load. The effects of the power surge itself would be passed onto your equipment (unless you have surge protection).

Uninterruptible power supplies are able to stop power spikes from affecting your load (although if the spike is great enough, the UPS will go into bypass to protect itself). Only a flywheel rotary UPS would be able to protect whole building loads (including disruptive loads such as motors).

rotary UPS installation power spike surge

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