Prime Power Generators- Daily check list

Prime Power Generators are used as your main source of electrical power when there is NO mains Grid power supply available

  • Always keep a spare battery charged to swap should the generator not be run for days as battery will go FLAT.


  • If battery is flat or LOW power the generator will not start


  • Battery charger ‘Trickle feed” has auxiliary power turned ON


  • Always keep the fuel tank at least 25% full – see photo


  • ONLY use NEW diesel fuel from a reputable supplier


  • Ensure the oil level is checked everyday- keep topped up


  • Check daily for leaks


  • Ensure the generator runs regularly with LOAD this ensures the battery is self-charging and burns off contaminants


  • Keep the intake vents clear of debris and dust


  • Ensure area around generator is clear for Air Flow


  • Exhaust must be free to air – Rain Flap is working


  • Ensure the emergency stop is NOT pressed IN


  • Weekly checks and record – Coolant Levels/Oil Levels


  • Service every 450 run hours and use manufacturers parts


  • Keep locked at all timesHow to check fuel – Remove fuel cap and visual check fuel. That proves whether the fuel gauge is working correctly.

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