How to RE-SET emergency stop alarm on a Deep Sea Controller or Generator

How to RE-SET emergency stop alarm on a Deep Sea Controller  Generator

Before resetting any alarm, it is important to ensure that the reason or event that lead to the Emergency Stop being activated is no longer present or has been resolved.  Once this has been confirmed then the resetting is as follows…..
Firstly ensure that the Emergency stops are released.  Dependant on the particular Stop button used this may be done by pulling to release, twisting to release (this style will have arrows engraved on them) or key release.  There are typically two stop buttons on every generator; one inside and one outside.  

One Emergency STOP on the outside of the canopy and
one Emergency STOP inside the canopy ,next to or along side the control panel.

Once this has been done then the alarm need to be silenced.  
This is done by first pressing the mute/silence button pictured below.
















Follow this by pressing the ‘Stop’ Button pictured below.

















Now press the ‘Manual/Hand’ Button pictured below.
















All Alarms should now be cleared and the generator is ready for placing back into Automatic mode.  To do this simply press the ‘Auto’ button pictured below.
















The Generator will now be back in ‘Auto Mode’ and back to normal operation.  The display should read ‘Generator at Rest’ and ‘Auto Mode’ as pictured above.

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