Riello Master Plus – What does the Display show?

The Riello Master Plus display shares some similarities to the MST display but has some noticeable differences. The control panel at the front of the UPS allows you to monitor and control the UPS and battery parameters. The control panel includes both a liquid crystal display and 6 status LEDS (three on each side of the screen) along with 8 function keys. The bottom of the LCD screen shows what each function key does based on whichever menu you are in.

Riello Master Plus display

  1. LED Bypass input line indicator
  2. LED Mains input line indicator
  3. LED Battery indicator
  4. LED bypass output
  5. LED Normal output
  6. LED alarm for internal fault


From the main menu, the 8 function keys have the following function:

Riello Master Plus display function keys

  1. Information menu
  2. Measures
  3. Commands
  4. History
  5. Buzzer off/on
  6. Display date/hours
  7. Decrease value (or sub menu)
  8. Increase value (or sub menu)


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