Riello MST UPS – What does the display show?

If you have ever wondered what exactly your Riello MST UPS is showing you on its display, then look no further.

Riello MST display

Main Menu

Riello MST display main menu


Operating Status Screen 1

This screen shows the overall operation of the UPS including whether it is online, on static bypass, etc. as well as the load on each phase and the battery charged percentage.

Riello MST display menu screen 1


Riello MST display graphics

  1. Input line
  2. PFC Converter
  3. Inverter
  4. Inverter Output Line
  5. Automatic Static Bypass
  6. Battery Charger Line
  7. Battery Line
  8. % Load
  9. % Battery Charge


Operating Status Screen 2

This screen shows the output loads per phase as a percentage of maximum capacity, in kVA and in kW. It also shows the expected battery autonomy time (based on the current loading of the UPS).

Riello MST display menu 2


Operating Status Screen 3

This screen shows the output voltages, frequency, battery string voltage and the battery discharge / recharge current.

Riello MST display menu 3


Operating Status Screen 4

This screen shows the mains, bypass and output phase to neutral voltages and the current output and peak output current.

Riello MST display menu 4


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