Rotary UPS accept all mixed loads – How?

Rotary UPS accept all mixed loads unlike a static UPS, which generally can only support “clean loads” without the need to be oversized.

A rotary flywheel UPS can accept all mixed loads. The chosen equipment to backup an entire building. (including industrial processing). As well as data centres and computer systems. The reason for this is the very fundamental architecture on which a rotary UPS is built.

A rotary UPS uses kinetic energy stored in the flywheel to provide seamless backup power in the event of a power cut as a ride through whilst the generator starts up and takes the load.
As such, not only can rotary UPS deal with mixed loads, they can also deal with inrush currents from the likes of transformers. As well as a much higher temporary overload.

The flywheel rotary UPS can also handle manufacturing plant fluctuations without ever dropping the load or letting any power rush through to the site.

If your production facility suffers from power dips, power spikes or short brown outs that cause production loss then a Rotary Fly wheel UPS will totally eliminate the problem.

All the power from the Grid will be cleaned and balanced. As well as continually fed into your production plant within a fixed perimeter range without any deviation. Whatever the GRID produces will never reach your equipment without first being ‘cleansed ‘ through the rotary flywheel UPS. Should a power outage happen, your building operations will see nothing. The whole power supply produced by the rotary Fly Wheel UPS. Including its accompanying generators.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automative
  • Hospitals
  • Data Centres etc.

All covered by Power Continuity Systems Rotary Fly Wheel systems for total NO BREAK power protection.

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