UPS Batteries Smell – Rotten Eggs?

UPS batteries smell of rotten eggsUPS Batteries Smell

When old UPS batteries begin to fail , they can leak and give off a rotten egg smell. The gas emitting from a failing battery is colourless, poisonous if inhaled and flammable.

The signs to look for prior to the appearance of the rotten egg smell are:-

  • If the battery/batteries are weeping fluid
  • White powder building up around the battery terminals.

UPS Batteries Smell -Fluid

Your UPS may still be operating but you MUST replace ALL the failed batteries as soon as operationally possible.

If your UPS batteries are over 4 years old or have been operating in an overly warm or very cold environment, then we advise to replace ALL the batteries at the same time and not only the failed batteries.

Failure to do so, will  put a strain on the UPS battery charger and will cause the UPS to overheat. This is also a MAJOR FIRE risk.

There is also a health & safety issue for both leaking BATTERY ACID and Air borne gas from the failed batteries. This gas is NOT to be inhaled, as it is poisonous and highly flammable

ACT QUICKLY – Call your local Power Continuity UPS engineer.

Water Intrusion

Has there been a water leak recently?

If any water has entered the battery cabinets it can cause some of the battery fuses to trip or cause batteries to overheat, and fail, giving off rotten egg smell gas.

The UPS may continue working although it is worker much harder trying to compensate for the failed batteries.

This will cause the UPS to overheat and again is a FIRE risk and Health & Safety risk.

ACT QUICKLY – Call your local Power Continuity UPS engineer.

If your Power Continuity UPS engineer has already advised replacement of batteries – DO NOT DELAY – Action the advise

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