Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems – Planning an IT Comms Room(s)

Comms room design and buildUninterruptible Power Supplies are highly sensitive electronic systems which both generate their own heat as well as being adversely affected by ambient heat.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies are severely effected by moisture and damp.
In effect, unless you carefully plan and execute a monitored environment for your UPS systems, you will have needless failures and power issues.


  • Can the UPS be serviced or replaced without disruption to your comms room?
  • Are entrance doors wide enough to facilitate the installation or replacement of the UPS?
  • Batteries need to be replaced regularly every 3-5 years.
  • Can the UPS system be replaced easily?
  • Ramp access is preferable, without steps.
  • Is the comms room large enough to allow for expansion and future works?
  • Will the floor take the weight? Is the floor even? Is it a floating floor?



  • Air Conditioning is a must for any and all uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Even if you have what you believe to be a cold environment e.g. basement, high ceilings , large room, you must have A/C installed.
  • The ambient temperature must never rise above 22 degrees Centigrade.
  • The ideal temperature would be between 16 and 20 degrees.
  • NEVER place A/C units above a UPS System or its batteries.
  • Moisture needs to monitored, ensuring NO dampness in the environment.
  • Make sure that the IT room is not prone to flooding either now or in the future.
  • Lighting is never on UPS circuits, but should be backed up by a generator.
  • Dust free environment
  • No direct sunlight – keep windows shaded or blanked out completely.



  • How long do you require your Uninterruptible Power Supply to last?
  • For many hours (long autonomy) you will require plenty of space for batteries.
  • Your environment will determine how many issues you’re likely to have.


PowerContinuity Opinion: Keep things simple!

  • Plenty of air conditioning.
  • No dampness or moisture issues.
  • Level floor.
  • Good access.
  • Large room with area for future expansion.
  • No direct sunlight.
  • Key pad access.
  • Backup diesel generator for real power protection.
  • N+1 = Two UPSs in parallel for 100% power protection for seriously critical system.


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