UPS Batteries Overheating – Why?

UPS batteries overheating really happens?

The short answer is YES they do, and dangerously!

UPS VRLA batteries are designed to operate at temperatures ambient 20 degrees celsius, plus or minus a few degrees either way.

High battery temperatures will significantly reduce the battery life and can cause the battery to swell, which if extreme could cause the outer casing of the batteries to crack.

What happened when UPS batteries overheated

This photo shows what can happen to VRLA batteries when exposed to long periods of high temperature- for example well over 30C for long periods. Simply the UPS batteries have overheated.

swollen VRLA batteries - UPS Batteries Overheating

These batteries had to be handled with great care as they could split or burst at any moment.

NEVER let your batteries reach this condition. You risk personal injury – Fire Risk – Environment Risk

Ensure that all batteries are in a cool environment that is never allowed to fluctuate above an ambient 22C

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