UPS FANS are important to the operational status of your Power Continuity UPS

UPS Fans will require replacement at least every 5 years dependant on the working environment of the UPS. This is down to age & wear and tear.

What to look for with UPS Fans:-


  • First – Check the FAN noise is it continuous or intermittent ?
  • Second – Continuous low level noise is the normal for UPS Fans
  • Third – Intermittent noise can be fans wearing out- no longer spinning centrally- bearings wearing out
  • Forth- Dust can build up in the fans causing a smokey smell- check ?
  • Lastly if the fan noise is high pitched- something is caught in the fan
  • Call an engineer to site to check and fix


  • First – NEW fans are shinny out of the box – Come in many sizes
  • Second- Fans do become darker with age – No Issue
  • Third – Are the fans rotating or stationary ? Check they are all operational
  • Forth – Stationary fans will cause the UPS to over heat- replace ASAP
  • Lastly –You can sometimes lose one fan and still the UPS to operate
  • BUT this is a warning before they all FANS begin to fail. ACT NOW don’t wait

When NEW Fans are fitted , sometimes dust and debris from the floor underneath the UPS will get sucked up due to the power of the NEW fans. This will create some pinging noise for a short time until it is cleared. Nothing to worry about. It passes within 30 minutes .

VIDEO – Click here for example of an operational working UPS fan

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