UPS Fire Risk

UPS Fire Risk – Keep Dust Free

UPS Fire Risk, Keep Dust Free at all times. UPS do not mix well with water or dust. It can cause local damage to individual boards or potentially the catastrophic failure of the whole unit. The most dangerous of all is dust and especially the heavy build up of dust. Once the air vents are blocked and the fans are working at over capacity , the UPS internal heat will increase dramatically. The more dust inside the UPS, the more likelihood that your UPS will begin to smoke and then catch fire.


Where a UPS will be sited is so important.

Always keep in dust free environment.

As well as avoid dusty environments, avoid damp areas like plant rooms that are open to the elements.

Don’t place enclosures around the UPS to protect it from dust, this ultimately affects the air flow, which in turn can cause the UPS to operate at a higher temperature and fire.

The best thing to do is avoid dusty areas completely. Place your UPS OUTSIDE and AWAY from any risk of dust intrusion.

Secondly: avoid damp conditions. Moisture can cause the UPS to short out and fire.

Thirdly: Never try to extend the life of a UPS beyond the advice of the UPS engineer. What old – replace! Don’t wait.

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