UPS Systems – Ideal Operating Temperature?

UPS Systems ideal operating temperature range is 20°C to 24°C.

This is ambient and relates to any UPS in any environment. Hence use 22°C as the optimum.

Bearing in mind the environment MUST be Dust Free and Moisture Free

Whenever you think of a Comms room, you will typically think of three things: 1) server racks, 2) UPS and 3) air conditioning. But why is air conditioning so important. Well both the UPS and the servers will output waste heat. Without any air conditioning (or forced ventilation) the heat would build up and lead to failures.

When considering the UPS in particular, most UPS are rated to operate in environments up to 40 degrees so you may well ask yourself why do we recommend that the temperature of a comms room be no more than 20 degrees? Well that’s because of the lead acid (VRLA) batteries that the vast majority of static UPS have.

In order to prolong the life expectancy of the batteries (so as to attempt to achieve the design life) these should remain at a temperature of around 20 degrees. Higher temperatures (as well as significantly lower temperatures) will lead to a considerable shortening of their life span, which in the long run will have a considerable increase in your comms room total cost of ownership.



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