Modular UPS Systems – Why?

UPS modular systems are popular. When buying a new UPS you need to choose whether to go for a modular UPS or a traditional UPS. Modular UPS, although typically marginally more expensive, do provide a number of benefits:

  1. Ability to expand – As your comms room or data centre power requirements grow, a modular UPS can also grow. It can expand the capacity of your UPS by adding additional power modules. This is without having to replace the entire UPS.
  2. Added redundancy – By having a number of power modules within the UPS, it is easy to achieve N+1, N+2 within the same unit.
  3. Ease of maintenance – Removal and replacement of a failed power module can be simple. If there is sufficient capacity in the other modules, they will support the load until the replacement unit is added.
  4. Greater efficiency – Whilst a traditional UPS’ power efficiency is good, at very low usage, it can fall away somewhat. The modular system can intelligently turn off underused power modules to increase the overall % use on the live modules. As a result, this will increase the actual in-use efficiency.

Riello Multi Power modular UPS

There is often no right or wrong answer to which way to choose: the important thing is considering what suits your business.

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