What are Brown Outs?

Brown outs are getting more common every day in the UK.
Therefore Brown outs prevention is a necessity for mission critical sites.

What is a Brown Out?

These occur when mains GRID supply voltage momentarily drops down.
They are usually micro second drops in power.
A temporary reduction drop or loss in voltage.
The mains power is lost or drops our of tolerance for micro seconds thereafter being rapidly restored.
You have no power control over the incoming GRID supply.
Explicitly, these brown outs are happening.
They occur because a large percentage of Mains Power is produced by Wind Turbines and Solar.
Such instantaneous alternative energy sources are difficult for the GRID to balance.
Micro imbalances cause brown outs across the network.

Brown outs will cause sensitive equipment to stop.
Robots miss their sequence and stop or damage production.
Sterile environments become compromised.
Production lines freeze.

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