What are Bypass Switch Operating Instructions for a typical Rackmount UPS System?

Bypass switch must not to be operated if the UPS is in ‘Battery Mode’!

Before proceeding speak with your UPS supplier and one of their engineers, as the exact procedure varies from UPS to UPS.

Switch UPS into static bypass (often pressing on/off switch located at the top of the UPS).

Then – turn the bypass switch to the bypass setting.

ups3The load is now being powered from the raw mains.

Note – the input to the UPS is still live (depending on the type of bypass switch).

To isolate the unit for maintenance or removal turn the bypass switch clockwise to the off line position.

To return to normal mode:-
• with the UPS off, turn the bypass switch to the bypass position.
• the UPS will now power up. Because power has been introduced.
• the ‘bypass’ will now be showing orange, and the ‘inverter’ led will be off.
• at this point turn off the bypass switch to the on-line position, and then wait until the ‘inverter’ led is showing green.
On line position: – (normal condition)
When the manual bypass switch is in the on-line position, load is supported by the UPS.
The switch must be switched into the on-line position while the ‘bypass’ light is orange .
Warning! If the above procedure is not followed exactly the load on the output of the UPS may be interrupted and the UPS may be damaged.

All the above protocol MUST be carried out in conjunction with either a UPS Engineer  present on site or under the guidance of a UPS Engineer. Most UPS companies will not accept any responsibility if this is not adhered with.

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