What are Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Transportation Systems ?

Having chosen a suitable location to suit the UPS system it is vital to survey the proposed transportation route. If a specialist delivery contractor has been employed for the task they will usually undertake a site access survey before attempting to deliver any equipment.

crane-generatorsEven if the location chosen for the installation could in fact accommodate an additional three or four UPS, access to the area may prove problematic.

Check the access route:

  1. Is the site easily accessible by road?Bear in mind the size of the delivery vehicle and the equipment required to off-load the UPS.
  2. Are all doorways large enough for the UPS equipment and any transportation equipment to pass through?
  3. Ensure the equipment can be moved along the entire route, especially around corners.
  4. Will the UPS need to be carried across soft or uneven surfaces?
  5. Are there any stairs between the off-loading point and the final location?
  6. If the equipment must be transported using a goods lift, check that the lift has the required capacity.
  7. Ensure that site staff are aware the equipment is being delivered and have made every effort to ensure that access along the route is unhindered on the day of delivery.


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