What happens if I always only run a generator OFF load – Power Continuity

First of all, let’s explain what running a generator off load means. It means running the generator without any building or load bank load so the generator effectively is running on idle.

Load Bank Testing

Whilst good to ensure the generator is able to start and run correctly without any issues, if only run off load, it can lead to wet stacking.

Generators output a maximum amount of power. The Engine Control Unit automatically dictates how much fuel should be used.

Although this may be true if the generator only runs on idle. Excessive fuel used.

Not all fuel is combusted. The unburnt diesel accumulates on the turbo and exhaust stack. This causes irreversible damage if not remedied. It is important to run the generator onload.

Ideally (at least once a year) carry out a loadbank test. Resulting in running the generator at up to 100% of its capacity. consequently burning off unburnt fuel deposits, ensuring everything is running smoothly.


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