Critical power is any form of power that, if it were not available, would have disastrous consequences.

What type of places would require continuous uninterruptible critical power supplies?

Hospitals, Surgeries, Military Field Operations, Banks, Airports, Space Bases, Communications Networks, Distribution Centers and Food Manufacturing Plants.

Surprisingly, there are thousands of environments that require 24-7 uninterrupted critical power, come hell or high water. The only true way to protect critical power is with the installation of uninterruptible power supplies. Known as UPS Systems, and Diesel Generators.
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It’s improbable this system is totally invincible to any power outage. To achieve invincibility, replicate the UPS system and generator system more than once in the event of mechanical failure. The term used is N+1, and this equates to a double system. N+2 will be 200% cover and N+3 would be triple cover.What finical loss of a power outage-critical power

24/7 reliable power is crucial in hospitals and critical medical areas such as intensive care, operating theatres and heating and cooling. These are the areas we would immediately think about when we consider a hospital’s power supply.

Airports are hugely complex systems of traffic with many sectors such as security, immigration, retail and communication systems. Many airports operate on the edge of capacity so the cost of prolonged power failure airports is potentially enormous and immediate with lasting consequences.

An in-depth understanding of how to protect critical power can be reviewed in the section on this website entitled, Disaster recovery and power protection systems

How safe is the critical power at your office or business?

Most businesses today couldn’t operate without their computer servers, so the perception that only hospitals require critical power is rapidly changing. Many now require total Disaster Prevention.

Any business should take the time to have an energy audit. Classify what is critical, what is necessary and what you can do without. Then prioritise. Take steps to protect your business before it’s gone. If you make sure of best critical power installations from us, you can save a lot of money on energy savings in the long run.

For operators or managers of large infrastructure, the principal priority is having a reliable and resilient power supply. Naturally, you want is to avoid blackouts and stabilise brownouts with a system that has fast load management and 24-hour service and support.

The assumption that all power is critical power, so power downs will never occur, is naive.

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