When to replace UPS batteries

The most common type of UPS batteries are VRLA batteries. These generally come as 5 year design life or 10 year design life. It is difficult to accurately predict when to replace UPS batteries as every system is subjected to particular characteristics (e.g. system temperature, ripple current, number and depth of discharge).

However, as rule of thumb, to ensure that the batteries do not fail when you need them:

  • 5 year design life: replace in year 3
  • 10 year design life: replace in year 6/7

Carrying out a battery impedance test will give you an indication as to how the battery blocks are performing and identify if they do need replacing. It is also important to maintain the batteries at a constant 20 degrees Celsius. It won’t affect the life span too much if it is a degree or two above or below but you will notice a considerable deterioration if the temperature is significantly different to this.

UPS battery replacement

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