White Smoke Diesel Generator Solution

Diesel Generator white smoke when running indicates water in the fuel.

Generator could be running without issue and then the clear exhaust smoke begins to turn white and then stays white means that there is some water within your fuel system.

This typically happens with diesel generators when microscopic amounts of water or a leak enters somewhere within the fuel system.

Fuel in the cylinders is burning off with the water content causing the clear exhaust smoke to turn a milky white in appearance.
If this is allowed to continue you’ll find the generator begins to hunt and may have difficulty supporting load and could drop the load.

What to look for and how to fix Diesel Generator WHITE SMOKE:-


• First – Check the fuel supply
• Second – has there been a recent contaminated fuel delivery
• Third – Check for water leaks that may have found their way into the fuel tank or engine block. Tighten jubilee clips around hoses. Check all hoses.
• Forth- change all fuel filters with NEW filters
• Lastly if the problem persists then fuel polish your fuel to remove any water
• Check your fuel tank has no rust or holes that water can enter through into the fuel

If you have fixed the problem, then start up the diesel generator once more.
Diesel Generator white smoke may begin first then turn to BLACK SMOKE and then finally after a few minutes the exhaust smoke should become clear.
Then the generator should be running smoothly without issues

In normal use a diesel generator should not produce continuous visible smoke (white, black or blue smoke) from the exhaust silencer.

If you see from time to time continuous BLACK SMOKE then:-1000kVA-Diesel-Generator-no-white-smoke


• First – adjust the fuel lines and fuel input.
• Second- Replace the fuel filters
• Third – replace the air filters.
• Forth – Check the quality of the fuel
• Lastly -Check the injectors for replacement due to age and contamination.

Should your running diesel generator ever show continuous BLUE SMOKE then check the following as soon as possible


• First – Is the generator OLD ?
• Second – has the generator run for over 10,000 hours?
• Third has the generator never been serviced properly for years?
• Forth – replace the head gasket and any gasket/seal around the fuel filters and the oil filters as soon as possible.
• Lastly if the BLUE SMOKE continues after all of the above have been done, then your generator requires a major re-build due to excessive run hours.
• Failure to replace ALL the ABOVE will cause major generator failure

See Video – Showing Diesel Generator White Smoke

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