Why run a generator regularly on 100% building load? – Power Continuity

unning your generator on 100% building load provides the following benefits:

  1. Gives you confidence in your power protection system. Reassurance that it will be able to support your entire operations 24/7 whenever you need it to.
  2. Prevents wet stacking.
  3. The building load is sufficient to make the generator run at temperature with heavy load.
  4. Wet stacking consists of unburnt fuel residue.
  5. This accumulates on the exhaust side of the turbo and into the exhaust system.
  6. If left unchecked, this can cause irreversible damage to the diesel engine.

However, we recommend running the generator on building load at least 4 hours a year. Many businesses do a monthly onload test. Resulting in the entire system being tested 12 times a year even so it is still recommended that at least one of the onload tests involves letting the generator run for a minimum of 2 hours, rather than the typical 15 minutes.

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