Why you should never test a power protection system at Weekends – Power Continuity

The simple answer to this question is that, for most businesses the building load at the weekend is considerably less than during the week.

It is best to test a generator at its worst case scenario. The point in time where the building load is at its highest. Remember, power cuts are indiscriminate, they won’t wait for the weekend when you have less building load to strike. It is better to be prepared.

450 kVA Generator Canopied

Of course we know that it can often be difficult convincing management to carry out tests at peak times.  Sometimes this just won’t be possible. They are more likely to agree, when you explain the downtime will be only 20-30 seconds, whilst the generator starts up and takes the load. There is nothing to stop you running on generator for a couple of hours. Finally you will have 100% certainty in your power protection system.

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