Woodward Control Panel Generator – Explained How To Operate

Woodward Control Panel Generator guide explains how to operate a Woodward DSC50 in a generator or in a remote Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or AMF (Automatic mains transfer panel).

woodward DSC50 ATS panel









Manual / Automatic Operation

To change between manual and automatic operation mode, press the button highlighted below.

woodward DSC50 ATS panel manual-auto operation








Voltage / Frequency Measurements

The array of seven segment displays display both the operating values (frequency, voltage) for both the generator and the mains. To scroll through the operating values, use the scroll button DSC50 scroll button. The image below shows you which operating value is displayed.

woodward DSC50 ATS panel operating values




Fault Codes

If there is an alarm code, this will show on the display as a two digit number followed by the letter A. There are two types of alarm, a class B which is an Alarm only but will not interrupt the operation of the changeover panel and a class F which is a Shutdown alarm (the Generator Circuit Breaker will be opened immediately and the engine will be stopped without cool down).

woodward DSC50 ATS panel alarms





The following are the possible alarm messages:

  • 10 – Generator overfrequency
  • 11 – Generator underfrequency
  • 12 – Generator over-voltage
  • 13 – Generator undervoltage
  • 14 – Mains rotation field mismatch
  • 30 – Start fail
  • 31 – Unintended stop
  • 40 – Maintenance hours
  • 51 – Generator breaker close failure
  • 52 – Generator breaker open failure
  • 53 – Mains breaker close failure
  • 54 – Mains breaker open failure


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