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HV & MV Installations & High Voltage Works – Power Continuity

HV installations including new transformers, switch gear and control panels and all HV cabling and trenching is carried out by Power Continuity Systems across the UK.

All works are carried out closely with your Utility Provider and the Infrastructure partner (e.g. Central Networks) to ensure that all works are completed safely and efficiently.

HV installations need regular service and health checks. Out of sight should never be out of mind. Issues can occur underground as well as in sub stations.

Let’s maintain your HV and MV equipment to keep it safe and protected.

MV & HV Installation and Maintenance
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If your site is at capacity and needing more power, Power Continuity can provide a new transformer and switchgear installation and give you the extra capacity you need.

We can offer the very latest ‘Green’ Transformers which are ultra efficient

Paying too much because your voltage is set too high?

Power Continuity Systems can tap down your transformer to more realistic levels. Some sites we have worked on have been as high as 460 volts direct from the transformer. If you own your own transformer then let Power Continuity tap your transformer down to 400-420 volts

Design and implementation is all undertaken by Power Continuity Systems HV & MV teams. Our vehicles are 4×4 mobile workshops so any mainland location can be handled.

Power need not be daunting. Our engineers speak your language.

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